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Basketed Element

basketed elements

A rotary regenerative heat exchanger or air preheater, allows exhaust gases and induction air to pass slowly through a rotating cylinder filled with heat transferring material (basketed element). Exhaust gases heat the element, which rotates and in turn preheats the induction air before it enters the boiler. This method of pre-heating the air, greatly improves efficiencies in the combustion cycle.

Tesla Airheater Solutions is proud to be on the cutting edge of innovation in the air preheater market. Our mission is to provide optimum performance and efficiency while being cost effective. Tesla will soon be unveiling a new ground breaking, patented, element design that out performs anything currently available. Increased heat transfer combined with improved air flow and decreased fan horsepower… a winning combination!

In addition to the new, cutting edge element design, Tesla will soon unveil its new pioneering, patent pending, element coating called Optima-Armor™. This coating is impervious to acid, abrasion resistant, impact resistant and can withstand greater than 90 degree bends without a trace of cracking.

Optima-Armor™ will not crack during the manufacturing assembly process or during transportation to the installation site. In addition, this new revolutionary coating can be applied over a multitude of materials including A606 material or A-36 material. Telsa’s manufacturing methods ensure there are no open or exposed holes in the material for acid introduction between the coating and material, unlike anything else offered elsewhere currently.
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