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We delivered in 24 hours to AEP on an emergency outage! Thank you to our most recent customers PacificCorp, TECO and DTE.
Meridian™ ~ High Performance, Circumferential & Bypass Sealing Systems

Tesla's Research & Development team is never idle, relentlessly testing cutting edge design concepts for the air preheater industry utilizing our state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing processes driven by lean six sigma methodologies.

The Meridian™ high performance, positive contact circumferential and bypass sealing systems are a one piece, multi layer, self reinforcing design that can be set at "0" clearance. This design requires half the number of seals as compared to OEM seals, drastically decreasing installation time. As with all of Tesla's patented high performance products, no air preheater modifications are needed for the installation of the Meridian™ circumferential or bypass seals. Meridian™ sealing systems can be installed in half the time, with greater ease than any other circumferential or bypass seal currently on the market.

The notches allow for rotor expansion while maintaining positive contact, hence unmatched reductions in air leakage. In addition, the Meridian’s self-reinforcing notched configuration incorporates a unique sealing edge that is resistant to damage if it comes in contact with foreign objects or the rotors sealing surfaces. Meridian™ seals are corrosion resistant with unparalleled durability and longevity, even in the harshest SCR equipped units. Built-in design elements ensure minimal distortion under high temperatures and abrasion. Tesla uses only high quality, mill certified, raw materials in our precision manufacturing processes, the most advanced in the industry. Installation of the Meridian™ sealing systems has proven to increase customer productivity while measurably reducing fuel costs by reducing bypass leakage.

The increased thermal efficiency gained from Meridian™ equipped air preheater’s decreases the overall net heat rate of the plant and reduces the plant’s carbon footprint. This proves to be an extremely cost effective way to meet and maintain current and pending emissions regulations.

No other circumferential or bypass seal comes close to the performance, operational life span, ease of installation, durability, or reliability of the Meridian™ sealing system...period. Our customers have peace of mind knowing Tesla is the OEM of high performance air preheater replacement parts. We have over six decades and three generations of hands-on, industry experience. We are at your service 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.
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