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We delivered in 24 hours to AEP on an emergency outage! Thank you to our most recent customers PacificCorp, TECO and DTE.
Optima Flex™ ~ High Performance Positive Contact Radial Seals


Introducing the revolutionary, patented Optima-Flex™ HP, positive contact radial sealing system. It is the only HP radial seal which incorporates patented internal components, allowing both bidirectional seal flexion and an astonishing, unmatched operational longevity. The unique, state-of-the-art bidirectional design improves the ease and speed of installation as well as adding an inherent improvement in safety for the entire APH unit.

The Optima-Flex™ will accept a 2” positive contact at cold setting with a continuous, turn down setting of greater or equal to 1/8”. This seal can withstand high pressure washing (tested with greater than 10,000PSI at 1/4” direct vertical insult), ash laden environments, direct abrasion, SO”°, soot blowers and extreme horizontal air pressures. No other seal on the market can accept this type of turndown, or perform under such harsh environments while maintaining the unparalleled operational longevity of the Optima-Flex...period. This ingenious, leading-edge seal design is safe for use with carbon steel sector plates often found in gas fired plants in addition to hardened sector plates found in large coal and oil fired plants. In fact, hardened sector plate surfaces which are frequently beset with irregular, rutted or otherwise damaged surfaces are improved over time by repetitive contact with the patented Optima-Flex sealing edge. This provides something never before seen in the industry...sealing ability and fan horsepower reductions actually improving over time! The Optima-Flex does not have a “leaf” or “V” design that will be affected by ash and abrasion, as found with the competitions products.

Benefits you can expect from the installation of this innovative seal include a decrease in fan horsepower allowing for lowered fuel consumption and decreased stack emissions. This provides an overall decrease in the plants carbon footprint, and is of paramount importance in todays times of increasing emissions regulations. The Optima-Flex provides an unrivaled, cost effective way to help our customers meet and maintain regulatory parameters. Other benefits you can expect include decreased exit gas volume (velocity) helping maintain a lower pressure drop through the APH, improved boiler heat rate, and higher fan reserve.

This groundbreaking, innovative seal design is the result of over 40 years and 3 generations of hands on APH experience. We are the OEM of HP APH replacement parts, having been the first to design and patent a HP sealing system which has been used successfully for over a decade. We are 100% American owned and operated and do not outsource to foreign interests. We stand behind our products and customers alike, and pride ourselves on providing the most reliable, efficient, innovative products at extremely competitive prices.
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