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John A. Busic

Mr. Busic’s leadership at Tesla EnviroTech marks the commencement of a hyper growth strategy for our organization in the utility, pulp & paper and refinery industries. Exceptionally talented in driving start-ups and turnarounds, Mr. Busic is charged with carrying forth a seminal idea while scaling the company through fresh innovation.

Mr. Busic continually demonstrates a keen insight and inherent determination that allows him to succeed in uniquely demanding business arenas. His comprehensive entrepreneurial experience spans the positions of Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer, all of which he has maintained across the industries of Service, Power Generation, Metal Fabrication, Logistics and Food and Beverage.

Adept at creating viable networks and relationships, Mr. Busic possesses significant expertise in the development of international alliances within relevant industries. As President and CEO of Paragon Airheater Technologies, he developed a mutually favorable agreement with a Mexico-based manufacturer that made a complimentary product. His bold and significant move initiated international business and ultimately paved the way for additional markets in Italy, Ireland, and India.

A remarkable team builder, Mr. Busic sets the pace in establishing an engaging and innovative business culture, which is clearly demonstrated by his ever-present openness for personnel to share their creativity. He possesses particular skill in gathering exceptional talent capable of meeting company goals and demands. Always inspiring excellence, he utilizes his team to create practical opportunities that benefit the organization and ensure long-term success.

Mr. Busic serves as a Chairman and Board Member for several organizations. Mr. Busic is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and attended the University of Southern California.