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John T. Guffre, P.E.
Chief Technology Officer
Director of Research & Development

Mr. Guffre has over 40 years of experience in the power generation field with an emphasis on power plant efficiency, and air pollution control.

Having started his career as a Performance/APC Engineer at the 1,500 MW Brunner Island Station of Pennsylvania Power and Light Company, he has parlayed this hands-on operational experience into the private sector, to develop and implement practical methods for improving power plant performance, and optimizing the performance of air pollution control equipment.

Mr. Guffre has served as General Manager or President of several private sector companies that have manufactured custom engineered products for the power industry, including Wahlco Power Products, a leading manufacturer of air heater baskets, seals, and replacement parts, and Bachmann Industries/Wahlco Engineered Products, a premier manufacturer of flow control equipment for power plants.

He was also the Director of Power Plant efficiency for Control Components, Inc. His unique knowledge of heat rate improvements achievable on both the steam and gas sides of the boiler has allowed him to provide critical insight into the development and validation of Tesla’s patented products for improving air heater and power plant performance.

Mr. Guffre’s work and studies have been published in multiple industry related magazines and trade journals. His work has also been cited by many industry organizations, including EPRI, Lehigh University’s Energy Research Corporation, and the US Department of Energy. He has been a frequent speaker at power industry and air pollution control conferences in the U.S. and abroad.

Mr. Guffre is a licensed Professional Engineer and a graduate of Rutgers University, College of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. In his position as Chief Technology Officer at Tesla, he oversees the development of air heater products and operational procedures to both increase boiler efficiency and enhance the performance of air pollution control equipment.