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Karen Turner Sutton
Mrs. Sutton began her career in advertising in 1981 when she co-founded Hillcrest Publications in Orange County, California; which published two specialty magazines, “The Community Contractor” and “The Business Press.” Her background and first love had been in fine arts and oil painting; she won awards at the Orange County Fair and several juried art exhibitions. Hillcrest Publications was her introduction to publishing and advertising. By 1985 she was doing all the magazine layouts… she learned the fundamentals of design the old fashioned way, with mock ups on paper, lay out and paste up the text and graphics by hand, and then carry the layout boards back to the printer. With the leaps in technology and advances in design software, she began learning and using desktop publishing, and after moving to San Diego she co-founded SunCoast Media in 1989 and began publishing “On The Market” magazine.

Using state-of-the-art software she designed “On The Market” from scratch, editing the articles and producing all the ad layouts. She left SunCoast Media in 1991 and worked in the printing field for four years. It was there that she learned the importance of type and ad specifications and meeting customers' deadlines. She learned that missing a deadline for her own company was bad but missing a deadline for a customer's company was devastating both in finances and goodwill. She resolved to never let that happen.

In 1995 she was hired as the Director of Marketing for a large multi-state electrical company, with a $2 million advertising budget. Karen was responsible for designing and placing all their magazine and yellow page advertisements as well as designing all the companies’ collateral material.

She left the electrical company to build and manage the marketing department of one of the nation's largest bail bonding companies with a $5 million budget in yellow page advertising. From early 1995 until early 1999 her experience and expertise in advertising grew at an exponential rate. In April 1999, Karen opened her own Advertising Agency, which was certified for placing yellow page advertising nationally.

In 2009, Karen founded Studio One by Design, with the objective of being a full service, ad agency specializing in web design, creative marketing and publishing. Studio One by Design has now partnered with Tesla Airheater Solutions, Inc., to assist them in the development and implementation of a corporate marketing campaign, including advertising, website development and maintenance.